St. Mary’s Catholic School opened September 2, 1901, under the direction of the Sisters of Divine Providence. By 1905, a boarding school had been added. As enrollment grew, the need for a new school became imperative and the present school building was dedicated November 11, 1928. After relocating to the new school, there were apparently no more boarders (students). The secondary program was discontinued in 1971. However, with the addition of the kindergarten program in 1972, the preschool program in 1978, seventh grade in 1996 and eighth grade in 1997, the school has flourished. 

The school remained under the direction of the Sisters of Divine Providence until the 1980-81 school year. From the fall of 1980 until the spring of 1987, the school was under the direction of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Presently, St. Mary’s Catholic School is a parochial school funded and operated by St. Mary’s Catholic Church. The school is fully accredited by the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic School Accrediting Association and the Oklahoma State Department of Education. 

Parent involvement in the school has historically been encouraged through the use of parent volunteers and the Parent-Teacher Council (PTC). The Parent-Teacher Council is an organization whose purpose is to promote mutual cooperation between parents and teachers, assist in maintaining the school’s physical properties and equipment, as well as, purchasing materials for the instructional program. To this end, the PTC sponsors the annual Fall Fest celebration in late September. All are encouraged to join and participate in the functions, as well as, attend two meetings during the school year.