The vision of St. Mary’s Catholic School is to assist parents/guardians in their responsibility of the education and formation of their children. St. Mary’s Catholic School recognizes that each member of our community has worth and value as a child of God. St. Mary’s Catholic School assists each person in identifying his/her unique gifts and talents, encouraging their use in service of the community in building up the kingdom of God.

This educational community exists as a ministry of the Catholic Church of St. Mary. St. Mary’s Catholic School ministers to the parish through participation in liturgical ministries, provision of religious education to members and the development of community spirit through service opportunities and celebrations. Students and staff are encouraged and expected to live the teachings of Jesus Christ by practicing respect, courtesy, compassion, peace, justice and service among each other, at school, at home and in the larger community.

St. Mary's Catholic School orients a child's whole life by nurturing each student’s potential and advancing his/her growth in lifelong faith, moral values, healthy self-esteem, physical development, technological communications, appreciation of the arts and academic excellence.